Fire Surrounds for Wood Burners Fire Surrounds for Wood Burners
As you can see from the photos, our Rustic Oak Fire Surrounds perfectly compliment wood burning stoves and log burners.

Whether in a country cottage or modern living room setting, a wood burner becomes the centre of attraction in a room and our solid oak fire surrounds act as a frame completing and bringing to perfection this most attractive focal point.

Our solid oak beam fireplaces will continue to mature over time developing in character. They can be made to any size you require and with suitable hearths will enhance the look of your log burners or wood burning stoves.

Our fire surrounds are not "mass produced" with perfect machine finishes but are hand made by craftsmen from carefully selected oak meaning every surround is unique with its own individual grain markings and traits that form its individual nature.

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Fire Surround Clearances

Of course, safety is paramount and any installation of a wood burner or solid fuel stove must comply with current Building Regulations.

The minimum clearances required between the woodburner or appliance, its flue and any combustible materials will be specified by the stove manufacturer.

Each stove manufacturer may specify different distances dependent on several factors like the stove heat output and surface temperatures at various points on the stove. Typical values are a minimum of 150mm on the sides of the stoves and 300mm above the stove.

These will apply to our solid oak fire surrounds and you should ensure these clearances are maintained when planning the installation.

Click this link to download the Building Regulations 2010 "Combustion Appliances and fuel storage systems - Approved Document J October 2010

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